Photo by A Rare Perspective


Bhavisha’s art exhibits influences of several cultures from many continents. Indian by ethnicity, born and brought up in Kenya, educated in England, and now living in Philadelphia, her art spans from landscapes of the African Savannah, to Urban Cityscapes, and Design Art with Indian and African motifs. A self–taught artist of over twenty years, she easily transitions from nature to urban scenes that carry a romantic, nostalgic feel.  

Inspired  by works of Corot and Gustave Caillebotte, she has an impressionist / representational style and paints nature.  Her subject matter ranges from charging bull elephants that roamed her backyard in Kenya; to cold snowy days, the awesomeness of a stormy sea that is threatening and yet sustaining; empty serene urban parks; tranquil waters over rocky river beds and more. Her art captures the harmony that exists in nature, life that is strong, calm, and beautiful.

Painting is a spiritual experience for Bhavisha, allowing her to capture the pure energy and harmonious relationships of elements in life and nature.  She endeavors to express the resilience of the moment, hope for the future, and feelings of peace and tranquility.  Ultimately, she hopes that her art will help society see God’s glory in creation, respect nature, its power, and learn from it. More recently she has intertwined her inspirational writings with her paintings both in the art and presentation of the art. Her works have been exhibited in several solo and group shows and her paintings are in private collections around the world.