Discover the artist in you through painting classes at ageless Gardens


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Learn to think creatively and with an open mind; observe and describe, analyze and interpret; express feelings with or without words; build your confidence and even simply de-stress from a long day.  

Creating art benefits all ages. Art is known to reduce stress and anxiety; increase positive emotions; open the mind to new ideas and even improve your physical health. Under the tutorage of Bhavisha, students will have the opportunity to discover their hidden talents.

  • Classes are for all ages, all degrees of experience in oil painting, and are customized to fit individuals' needs.  
  • Children's lessons are rooted in history and utilize a variety of mediums. This includes: making paper, preparing a canvas, and lessons that cover color, cave paintings, impressionist art, modern art, contemporary art and art from different cultures.   Sign up for a session of 8 lessons for $400.00. 
  • Individual one on one lessons in oils start at $30.00 an hour for a two hour minimum.   Sign up as a group of three or more for $20.00 an hour for a minimum of two hour lessons.  

Adults paint from photographs they choose, a still life, or your imagination. 

  • Email us an image for approval and we will give you an approximation of the number of classes necessary to complete the painting. Lessons begin at $30.00 an hour for a minimum of two hours a session.
  • Make Ageless Gardens Gallery your own private space by planning an intimate evening painting with friends. You can all choose to paint the same image, paint from a still life or make a painting of your choice.  For a group of 3-5, classes begin at $40.00 per person; for a group of 6-8, classes begin at $30.00 per person, depending what you choose to paint. Unlike commercial spaces, this offers a relaxed cozy environment without the pressure of time restrictions. 

Contact us for more information on pricing and availability.