Painting Snow

I love snow. My "work" today was walking in snow, taking photos of "bicycles in snow". Yes, work. I was gathering reference materials for my next paintings, that will add to the series of bicycles in snow. Painting white, I am told, is not easy, whether its snow, a breaking wave, fabric on a beautiful dress, clouds, a myriad of things. It maybe that painting something that's just one color, or an absence of color, as white arguably can be described, to appear three dimensional can be a task. I love to paint snow, people love the snow I paint, and there is no absence of color in the white of my snow.  Yes, it is white, but it is also blue, pink, purple, even brown, where its been trodden on. Take a look at my winter scenes, and all the colors will pop. Better still, Monet's painting "The Magpie".  It is one of my favorite paintings of snow. Can you see and feel the warmth, see the snow shimmer? 


Perhaps, I paint white (or maybe just the white of snow) well because I love snow, and think its beautiful. Snow for me is fun and inviting. Snow shimmers when it falls from the sky that is often pink at that time, at least in the city. So much for talking about snow. Its time to go paint it. I wanted to share the snow with you, as its been snowing today and all I hear, feel and see is "paint snow". However, the day was filed with small welcome intrusions, that prevented me from making it to my studio. So instead, I decided to write about snow.  Stay warm.